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Funding Support

Don’t let funding become a barrier to better hearing health with hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Foundation

For some, even after available funding is applied, the cost of hearing aids can be simply out of reach. Far too often, we encounter low-income seniors and individuals in this predicament.

At Chit Chat Hearing, we firmly believe that affordability, accessibility or lack of assistance should not be a roadblock to your hearing health matters.

That’s why we created our Foundation: a non-profit organization that will supplement government funding for hearing aids. Regardless of your ability to pay, you can be assured of personal attention and excellent support care with our team.

Help Us Help Others

Are you in the fortunate position to have employer or third-party health insurance benefits?

You should know that just by bringing your hearing aid business to Chit Chat Hearing, you are automatically contributing to the success of the Foundation. You have a choice; and you can choose to help people who might otherwise go without the support and care they require.